A heart made of clocks









Our challenge from Novartis was to creatively communicate a key message to raise awareness of the immediate risk of heart failure and to increase the sense of urgency. The initial audience was cardiology professionals. Our understanding of the audience and location was that there would be a lot of promotion by many companies at the event, so a unique solution would be required to capture people’s imagination. We created a 1.5m anatomical heart shaped sculpture made from hundreds of vintage clocks, sourced from all over the world. This iconic sculpture was to be placed in locations to attract the audience to it and to explore it. The design was such that it created a familiar and relevant shape but in a never been seen before way. This led to people wanting to know more. The unique sculpture was designed to arouse curiosity and encourage a natural response in people to look closer, photograph and learn from the story it was created to tell. On a selection of the clock faces we hand engraved quotes from patients and statistics to add the key messages. The clocks were attached by hooks so could be rearranged for each exhibit and also could be turned into a live experience where the clocks are added by one of our artists during a morning. An adjacent information board placed on an easel provide the story and links for people to learn more about Novartis and Heart Failure.


Over 200 clocks were acquired for the project and an innovative system devised to make them capable of being hung from a heart shaped frame. We collected clocks from over 15 countries, with some clocks dating back 120 years. Many were passed down through families and donated to the project. The clocks were arranged into the shape of an anatomical heart that visually explored the relationship between the heart, time and art. The sculpture creatively suggested that the problem was global, by using clocks from all over the world; whilst individually something might be broken, together things form shape and gain beauty and strength. The project went back to traditional roots of experience marketing and contained no electronics, digital signage or interaction. Relying instead on creativity to capture attention and communicate messages. The sculpture was initially placed outside the European Society of Cardiology event in August 2016, in Rome. It was attended by over 30,000 healthcare professionals. The sculpture was 1.5m in height and a completely unique marketing form in the history of the event. Due to its popularity, it then went on to tour Italy in four public spaces including outside the Italian Parliament in Rome on World Heart Day 2016, Bergamo, Bologna and a marketplace in Sicily. The intention was that people would be inspired to walk over to the sculpture, be curious and explore the messages. Hopefully they would take images and take home an interesting story and the campaign messages. It was accompanied by a simple easel and information board. It was left for people to discover, explore and enjoy.


The sculpture was extremely popular and seen by the majority of attendees over the initial 4 days of the event. At times there were over 20 people surrounding it, taking pictures and exploring. It was one of the only art led item of communication at the event and it’s design was truly appreciated. The images and video have been shared online to amplify the activity. As it toured the cities it was covered in all local and national press and the public engaged in much the same way as the professionals. Based on it’s success, it has since been exhibited at the American Heart Association scientific event in New Orleans, USA to 10’000’s more cardiology professionals, the making of video shared online and it is booked for further exhibits in different countries in 2017. 


World Diabetes Day 2016


Working with alongside FTI Consulting, our client, Ascensia Diabetes Care, were preparing to celebrate their first ever World Diabetes Day. They and wanted to create an experience that would have a global presence and create impact. Not only did they want to raise awareness of diabetes and support the International Diabetes Federation on World Diabetes Day, but also it was also key vital to increase the visibility of Ascensia and highlight the positive role of mobile technology in the management of diabetes. To highlight the key role of technology, we created digital postcards spelling out the word ‘DIABETES’ using mobile phones in iconic locations across the world using mobile phones. We created an awareness video and photographic postcards that were both shared across Ascensia’s social media channels on World Diabetes Day.


With the client, we chose iconic locations in 10 countries: UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, USA, India, China, Dubai and Brazil. We also invited Ascensia employees in other countries to participate locally by recreating the an image at an iconic locationphoto in their own country. In At each iconic location at just before sunset, we arranged mobile phones to spell out the word ‘DIABETES’ in both English and the local language. We filmed this and also took photographs to capturing the experience. The photographs were made into digital postcards that could be easily shared online. There were a variety of people involved at each location, including were Ascensia employees, doctors, people with diabetes, friends and family. All the content was captured in the two weeks leading up to World Diabetes Day and shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout WDD during World Diabetes Day itself. We encouraged people to like, share and react to the digital postcards to show their support.


This activity was a huge success for Ascensia. The campaign reached a large huge global audience, reaching of over 2.8 million people on social media. Ascensia employees from all over the world came together to engage in this campaign and created their own photos spelling out the word ‘DIABETES’ locally for in their country. : We received content from Portugal, Indonesia, USA, Japan and Mexico. It was more successful than anticipated managing to and globally engaged and reached millions to raise awareness of diabetes and to communicate the role of technology in diabetes. The activity and results helped to support Ascensia’s positioning position Ascensia as an Only Diabetes company, showcasing their support for the diabetes community. andThis campaign demonstrated how a great idea can bring employees together to help improve the lives of people with diabetes the patients that they serve with their products.

Reach: 2.8 million

Engagement: 425,000


Ascensia & Instagram



Our client, Ascensia Diabetes Care, was holding a global internal launch event for a new product in Madrid and wanted to find a way to communicate the new company values to their employees in a fun and engaging way.

The event, held in September 2016 in Madrid, Spain, was attended by employees from all over the world. Over 200 employees attended the event live in Madrid and employees also joined the meeting via video link from Basel, Switzerland, Tarrytown, New York, and Mishawaka, Indiana. One of the priorities for this activity was to engage all employees and not just those who were present in Madrid.

We created an opportunity to make a single company video using videos and images from across the multiple locations. Short video clips and photograph selfies were taken in each location inside unique photo frames and prompts that carried the key messages.


In response to the brief, we created bespoke, handmade, branded Instagram frames and props. A total of 6 different Instagram style frames were created – each displaying one of the six company values: customer focused, trusted, forward thinking, excellence, respect and only diabetes.

We also created a number of props, designed in the style of Snapchat filters, to use with the frames to add an extra element of fun. We also created Ascensia branded props, including a blood glucose monitor, mobile phones and company icons in brand colours. 

As the aim was to engage employees in three locations, we created a set of frames and props for each one and included the names of the location on the frame: Madrid, Spain, Basel, Switzerland and Tarrytown and Mishawaka, USA.

During the 3-day event, we encouraged employees to come and strike a pose using the frames and props. We filmed this using the Boomerang app to create short and entertaining video clips. All Boomerang clips captured over the 3 days in Spain, Switzerland and the USA were included in a summary video of the event that was shown to all attendees at the end to close the launch meeting.


The experience was extremely popular with employees, with the majority who attended the launch taking part in the Instagram activity multiple times. Employees were keen to look through all the company values and chose the frame with their ‘favourite’ value, demonstrating their engagement in these values and the achievement of the objective of the activity. The final video has been shared internally across the 1,700 employees and made many of them smile! The video proved to be a fantastic way to close the meeting and was excellent content for future viewing. It bought all employees together and enabled those who were not attending the launch meeting live to still take part by being part of the video.

Bombay Central, a Happy Journey

vg2 (1)








Our brief was to develop and execute the creative strategy for a new restaurant concept in the competitive suburbs of North London. With a train station, Indian food, local community and creativity at the core of the business we were set our challenge. We wanted to leverage Facebook, video and comedy at the heart of our strategy to bond a local, affluent, digital friendly audience and engage them from the start. We developed the core digital and social assets and set out a content plan to make people smile and organically build the community.


We developed and produced the idea of short comedy video clips for Facebook as a way to communicate the venue; it’s food and its character. We asked the audience help us choose our characters and had huge engagement from the community. We manage the channels, target marketing, develop creative kids activity sheets and are developing new techniques to build and engage the online community. Watch this space for ‘Check in for Chai’ and Facebook Live streaming! Keeping th community happy, informed and involved.


You can see the community building here on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/theBombayCentral/ and the website here http://www.thebombaycentral.com

The use of video as the key mechanic is a pioneering step in the new restaurant marketing industry.

In the first 8 weeks of business we have engaged 10,000’s of people organically and our work has been one part of the reason that the place is packed out.

We love this job, we know that the location, management team and excellent food are key but feel proud of the creativity we bring to the kitchen table 🙂

Yoga Bot

Meet Nadia, an ongoing amazing art project of ours to develop fully proprietary and hand made immersive and interactive sculptures. 

We have developed our own platform that brings traditional sculptures to life.

Mixed reality


Over the last 24 months we have created 6 mixed reality experiences in the immersive sector. Our work has included:

  • Creating mixed video, virtual reality and CGI experiences
  • Creating apps for iOS and Android with fully playable Google Cardboard videos
  • Creating Oculus Rift games
  • Creating green screen based 360 experiences

We have our own equipment, methodology and agile and economic European teams to deliver the best immersive experiences you could imagine. Ask us, we will show you.

We also teach children aged 8-10 about Mixed reality films that would be just as much fun for adults if you were interested.

Imagine Dragons

We created this Instagram stunt for Universal Music that allowed Imagine Dragons fans to place their photos in the mosaic of the album artwork created by San Diego based surrealist artist Tim Cantor.


Donate your heartbeat

Our brief from Novartis Pharmaceuticals was to create an engaging way to globally raise awareness for heart failure. We designed a mobile app that allows you to record and donate your heartbeat whilst you read key messages about heart failure. The app has a social sharing feature to further increase awareness. This app is designed for mass market awareness as well as use at small local events. See KeepItPumping Website

The app was designed to allow users to ‘donate their heartbeat’ and combine their donated heartbeat with people they love, like and follow to create a unique digital memory. The app captures the user’s heartbeat sound, a selfie and email address. We partnered with major celebrities including Jessie J, Leona Lewis and Ellie Goulding who each donated their heartbeat. Their donations were added to the app, allowing people to combine their heartbeats with them. In addition, Leona Lewis recorded exclusive live versions of songs for Keep It Pumping including an acoustic version of ‘heartbeat’. This content was only available to view to people who had donated their heartbeats. All the celebrities also did three social media posts across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about the Keep It Pumping app, encouraging fans to download the app and combine heartbeats with them.

On launch, the celebrity social media messaging of their involvement achieved a staggering 100m combined reach and 300,000 direct actions. In its first few weeks, over 10,000 people have donated their heartbeat and the app has established a platform for an awareness currency. The platform allows continued, always on marketing and communication between the campaign and the user. The app has been used at experiential events in Seville, Seattle, New Jersey, London, Dubai, Basel, Rome and Venice as an engaging tool. The app allows for the user to submit their email address allowing for an ongoing connection and joining of a community.


We helped TIESTO launch his album A Town Called Paradise with a map based find and seek game. The closer you were to the album cover, the louder the music became!