31st December 2015 Ravi Ruparel

Donate your heartbeat



I’d like to share with you one of my latest projects. It has been keeping me busy and I hope you will take a peek and share!

We have built an app that allows you to donate your heartbeat to raise awareness of heart failure. Once you have donated it, you can combine it with people that you love, like and follow and download a unique memory.

On the app you can also donate and soon combine your heartbeat with people like Ellie Goulding, Leona Lewis and Jessie J (see her donation video here http://bit.ly/1KO9x1S ), who are all supporting the project. We wanted to give people something totally unique in return for a little help to get some key messages across about heart failure shared. It’s all part of a campaign called Keep It Pumping (www.keepitpumping.com) we’re working on with Novartis and some great agencies. It’s a worldwide project and has a number of associated experiential campaigns centred on encouraging people to donate their heartbeat.

We have produced some great content of the artists donating their heartbeats and you can unlock some amazing exclusive and live performances of Leona Lewis singing her song Heartbeat, if you donate. It’s free and takes a few seconds and you can download it here http://apple.co/1MAww3r. We also hope it provides some fun in the office and home as you combine your heartbeats together.

I do hope this is of interest and worthy of sharing with your world. The prevalence of heart failure is not properly understood. Millions live with it – 1 in 5 over 40s will develop it – but most people simply put the signs down to normal ageing.

Happy World Heart Day! ><

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