31st December 2015 Ravi Ruparel

Making next year count



Goodbye 2015, you were awesome and taught me a few things to hopefully make 2016 count. Over 50,000 miles travelled, projects in 10 countries from Miami to Clapham, Seville, Tooting, Dubai, Brighton and Rome. We combined art, music, technology and the love to create marketing experiences everywhere. You taught me that I should not lose sight of original ideas, nor to expand the business when there is no need but to use experts and plug in properly to the world to make things happen. People and life today are beautiful and together I want to help make amazing things happen in 2016. This should be interesting if you are thinking of adding to do some extra freestyle projects to your new year’s resolution list.

It was an exceptional year for us where we worked with a handful of clients to raise awareness for different projects, all aiming to make people smile and tell their friends a few key things. We used multiple art styles, sculpture, LED, mobile, API’s, motion detectors, sound and celebrities. We made videos, made adverts, created brand ID’s, logo’s, took photos, made websites, apps, and virtual and augmented reality experience, wore fancy dress and handed out leaflets and badges. It wasn’t all by accident but for sure Lady Luck played her hand but it was the core team that helped each other out to keep things alive and kicking to which we added over 100 experts on short-term contracts across the world. They all shared similar characteristics of being charming, being experts, working hard, focused and smiling (a lot), even when things were cancelled, changed, hurricanes came and went and the previous night’s celebrations got the better of things!

I have built my business on the back of two key strategies. The first is that original ideas really matter the most and second that you don’t need to build an empire to deliver them. In fact, the empire can stop the former ever happening. Shift has happened and the world today provides all of the ways and means to be able to put your energy into the idea and build the team when required to deliver your best, minimizing unnecessary administration. During the year an incredible set of people came into my world to help and I am very grateful. We sourced trusted and known people across our network and the world to help us move stuff, build stuff, drive stuff and care for stuff (and much, much more). Everyone delivered and the culture was about getting things done because the project revolved around a great idea and we are nice people that even pay on time, most of the time ☺. This is so different from a few short years ago when accidently the main priority was to look after and care for people first, worry about the idea and purpose second. This current way ensures that the client gets quality, faster, at lower prices and the team actually gets paid more than a traditional job.

I can’t name them all but these guys helped, inspired and gave my core team and project a very helpful hand. They were really special and awesome: Michael Farmula and Morris the dog, Simon the Sculpture guy, ‘Choppy’ Danny, Erin (who arrived like an angel), Multiple Carlos’s (!), Pia, Phil, Michael XO, Jordan (and Bright Bricks), Sophia FRESH, James, Peter, Rajen and Bravin, Mattie, Deborah, Maria, Jim and teams, Jessie J (!), Leona Lewis, Ellie Goulding, Izabella, Jareck, Pawel, Hugo, Szczepan, Sarah, Jazzy, Multiple Maciej’s, Simon, Santa Claus, Andrea and at times our friends and families.

Business feels much more real today than any point in my 20-year journey across multiple successful and failing enterprises. We don’t need to offer people fruity sparkling water, weekly free back massages, lunch tokens and a free bar to get wasted each week to get the best from them. We need amazing ideas, projects and purpose to be the main motivation and of course, you make sure each person is happy and cared for. I like this world, it kind of works and I see it manifesting itself in many ways, from UBER to pop up shops, everyone is deciding to take control, use or develop skill, plug in when they wish and make their primary goal and idea happen, with a smile.

There is a sense of freedom by choosing to get involved, being in control and having complete clarity. I remember talking to a trainee doctor who was driving a Lexus as an UBER Lux driver in Miami telling me that UBER gave him freedom, money and fun (in the free-est of free countries!) and he was next going to become a part time actor. Life is beautiful, right? But you have to plug in and if you do, you increase the chance that everything you want, can really happen.

So, if you are thinking about chasing new opportunity in 2016 as a freelancer, expert or small expert team, to make a difference, work on great projects and be in control … I would highly recommend it. The world is moving rather quickly in your favor and there is large and increasing demand for amazing people and their skill.  People like me are looking on forums, Facebook, Instagram, websites and word of mouth to cut out the nonsense, make our time count and do really amazing things together for our client and the world in which we live.

Happy 2016, make it count together and again thanks to all who helped in 2015.


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