22nd January 2016 Ravi Ruparel

Pitching in your funeral suit



I have a client suit that I wear for ‘special’.

I keep it in the cupboard freshly pressed and clean.

It’s made to measure and fits real slick

people always say it looks lean.

(Ok, end of the poetry attempt, this is a real story).

This suit makes me feel good, you have to take all the compliments you can.

I flew out to see my client this week to discuss the New Year plans and to pitch my ideas and thoughts. I wanted to make sure I made a good impression. It’s an important client and they always look smart. One is even a fashion blogger in his spare time.

So, I grabbed my special suit and held it tightly all the way to the airport to change into. Knowing that I would soon be rocking my best look. It was about half way to the airport that the lights went out and I realized I had picked up the wrong suit. It was dark and I had made a simple mistake and grabbed the black suit, not the dark blue one. This one, for a different kind of special and a different kind of impression was my bloody funeral suit. Balls.

I was too far from home and too close to the grim reality that I was about to pitch in my funeral suit and pitch I did. In that suit jacket (and jeans). Eek, how lame. I am still to find out how it really went.

So what is the important morale of this story? What big lesson can I share with you to brighten up your day? I have been scratching my head on this a while and have now concluded.

In order to avoid accidentlly pitching in your funeral suit, your pitch suit should be bright or multi-coloured. Think Lenny Henry on Comic Relief or ASDA green. Life throws up so many random moments, I wish I had the Kahona’s to go rainbow. It would make for a better pitch, I think. Fingers crossed and Paul Smith here I come.


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