Our brief from Novartis Pharmaceuticals was to create an engaging way to globally raise awareness for heart failure. We designed a mobile app that allows you to record and donate your heartbeat whilst you read key messages about heart failure. The app has a social sharing feature to further increase awareness. This app is designed for mass market awareness as well as use at small local events. See KeepItPumping Website

The app was designed to allow users to ‘donate their heartbeat’ and combine their donated heartbeat with people they love, like and follow to create a unique digital memory. The app captures the user’s heartbeat sound, a selfie and email address. We partnered with major celebrities including Jessie J, Leona Lewis and Ellie Goulding who each donated their heartbeat. Their donations were added to the app, allowing people to combine their heartbeats with them. In addition, Leona Lewis recorded exclusive live versions of songs for Keep It Pumping including an acoustic version of ‘heartbeat’. This content was only available to view to people who had donated their heartbeats. All the celebrities also did three social media posts across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about the Keep It Pumping app, encouraging fans to download the app and combine heartbeats with them.

On launch, the celebrity social media messaging of their involvement achieved a staggering 100m combined reach and 300,000 direct actions. In its first few weeks, over 10,000 people have donated their heartbeat and the app has established a platform for an awareness currency. The platform allows continued, always on marketing and communication between the campaign and the user. The app has been used at experiential events in Seville, Seattle, New Jersey, London, Dubai, Basel, Rome and Venice as an engaging tool. The app allows for the user to submit their email address allowing for an ongoing connection and joining of a community.