Our client, Ascensia Diabetes Care, was holding a global internal launch event for a new product in Madrid and wanted to find a way to communicate the new company values to their employees in a fun and engaging way.

The event, held in September 2016 in Madrid, Spain, was attended by employees from all over the world. Over 200 employees attended the event live in Madrid and employees also joined the meeting via video link from Basel, Switzerland, Tarrytown, New York, and Mishawaka, Indiana. One of the priorities for this activity was to engage all employees and not just those who were present in Madrid.

We created an opportunity to make a single company video using videos and images from across the multiple locations. Short video clips and photograph selfies were taken in each location inside unique photo frames and prompts that carried the key messages.


In response to the brief, we created bespoke, handmade, branded Instagram frames and props. A total of 6 different Instagram style frames were created – each displaying one of the six company values: customer focused, trusted, forward thinking, excellence, respect and only diabetes.

We also created a number of props, designed in the style of Snapchat filters, to use with the frames to add an extra element of fun. We also created Ascensia branded props, including a blood glucose monitor, mobile phones and company icons in brand colours. 

As the aim was to engage employees in three locations, we created a set of frames and props for each one and included the names of the location on the frame: Madrid, Spain, Basel, Switzerland and Tarrytown and Mishawaka, USA.

During the 3-day event, we encouraged employees to come and strike a pose using the frames and props. We filmed this using the Boomerang app to create short and entertaining video clips. All Boomerang clips captured over the 3 days in Spain, Switzerland and the USA were included in a summary video of the event that was shown to all attendees at the end to close the launch meeting.


The experience was extremely popular with employees, with the majority who attended the launch taking part in the Instagram activity multiple times. Employees were keen to look through all the company values and chose the frame with their ‘favourite’ value, demonstrating their engagement in these values and the achievement of the objective of the activity. The final video has been shared internally across the 1,700 employees and made many of them smile! The video proved to be a fantastic way to close the meeting and was excellent content for future viewing. It bought all employees together and enabled those who were not attending the launch meeting live to still take part by being part of the video.