Our brief was to create an inspiring out of home sculpture to tour the USA during heart and stroke walks organised by the American Heart Association. The sculpture was to promote Keep It Pumping.

We created a real world representation of the digital heart used in the campaign’s mobile application. This application allows people to donate their heartbeat and combine it with those they love, like and follow. The app captures your location, heartbeats sound, email address and selfie. We used the selfies from the app to create a mosaic of faces of those who donated their heartbeat on an enormous 10 ft double sided polyhedron style sculpture embedded with the highest standard of LED.

The heart commenced its tour in Seattle where over 10,000 people were part of the walk. We captured hundreds of heartbeats in a very short time period before the walk and raised awareness for heart failure and the campaign amongst 1,500 people. the video of the event will be shared on multiple social channels to secure further awareness for Keep It Pumping.