We were asked by Havas PR to help them and their client Kellogs to create a campaign to raise awareness for Special K.



We worked with an expert to organise and conduct a scientific experiment to investigate whether the environment that you eat your breakfast in and peripheral items can influence your perception of nutrition. Alongside our expert neuroscientist, we presented a large number of women with a bowl of Special K in a variety of different environments. After eating the bowl of cereal, the women were asked to complete a questionnaire focusing on how nutritious they thought the cereal was. The experiments were filmed and photographed and some participants were interviewed. This provided additional content for the press release as well as working with celebrity ambassador Katie Piper who participated in the research.



The campaign was a success, the research showed many interesting findings and achieving global coverage including The Sun, Daily Mail, Metro and more.

The findings revealed that the way you eat your breakfast changes your brain’s perception of how nutritious the food is. Participants who consumed cereal from a round shaped bowl found it less nutritious and considerably sweeter than those eating from a square shaped bowl, eating whilst standing up increases how wholesome people thought the cereal was.