Our brief from Novartis Pharmaceuticals was to create an impactful experience for Keep It Pumping on World Heart Day. The campaign is about raising awareness for heart failure and the objective of the event was to engage the public, media, patient’s associations and professionals with inspiring art. We set out to create a real world 3D heart sculpture (of the icon which is used in the campaign mobile app and bring it to life) with hand painted messages about love and heart failure. We supported this with a brand team who recorded the heartbeats of the public and allowed them to donate and combine their heartbeat with those they love, like and follow whilst reading key heart failure messages.

We created a 6ft sculpture and transported it across Europe to Rome, where in a shopping gallery, we carried out the activation over three days. With a leading European artist we hand painted the messages on the heart sculpture in a unique type and in Italian. Key press and media, as well as patients and their association, joined the activation to raise awareness for heart failure. We filmed the activation to be shared on social media after the event. With a small brand team we further engaged the public with heartbeat donations. The event witnessed whole families donating their heartbeats and combining them for a unique digital memory before having their names hand painted on the sculpture.

Over 1,000 member of the public participated in the event and many more read one of the many articles written up by the Italian press and media. The video and images have been released on the campaigns social channels which will extend the reach of the activation to over 100,000. The sculpture has been moved to the Milan offices and will be used at events by the company and patient associations. This secures continued awareness of the campaign and heart failure.