We built Mrs CRAY, the digital inspiration assistant for the creative community.

The new automated tool aims to inspire creatives during brainstorms, expanding people’s thinking by making it easier for them to come up with ideas. We will be showcasing it at the Cannes Lions Innovation’s start up village on Tuesday 21st June.

The concept started out less than two years ago as a board game when we were asked to devise a way to train junior staff at other agencies to make them more creative. The board game helped originate marketing ideas that brands invested $2m in, and Mrs CRAY is the digital embodiment of the highly successful game. As one player of the board game says: “A kick-ass way to bust out of boring brainstorms. Throw the dice and free your mind!” (N. McCarthy, Content Director of the Year, Seven).

Mrs CRAY uses unprecedented algorithmic data management and visualisation to revolutionise the way in which the creative community can discover images, words, places, objects, technologies and emotions when exploring creative briefs. The tool uses speech recognition, instantly processing and understanding the needs of its users through several artificially intelligent methods. Mrs CRAY will then crawl the internet’s greatest API’s to seek out data in galleries, books, social media, museums to deliver a single board of inspiration. The inspiration assistant’s in-built learning processes mean that Mrs CRAY will evolve and learn over time, always improving to meet the needs of the creative community.

We would love to show you all this! Get in touch. Mrs CRAY