Working with alongside FTI Consulting, our client, Ascensia Diabetes Care, were preparing to celebrate their first ever World Diabetes Day. They and wanted to create an experience that would have a global presence and create impact. Not only did they want to raise awareness of diabetes and support the International Diabetes Federation on World Diabetes Day, but also it was also key vital to increase the visibility of Ascensia and highlight the positive role of mobile technology in the management of diabetes. To highlight the key role of technology, we created digital postcards spelling out the word ‘DIABETES’ using mobile phones in iconic locations across the world using mobile phones. We created an awareness video and photographic postcards that were both shared across Ascensia’s social media channels on World Diabetes Day.


With the client, we chose iconic locations in 10 countries: UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, USA, India, China, Dubai and Brazil. We also invited Ascensia employees in other countries to participate locally by recreating the an image at an iconic locationphoto in their own country. In At each iconic location at just before sunset, we arranged mobile phones to spell out the word ‘DIABETES’ in both English and the local language. We filmed this and also took photographs to capturing the experience. The photographs were made into digital postcards that could be easily shared online. There were a variety of people involved at each location, including were Ascensia employees, doctors, people with diabetes, friends and family. All the content was captured in the two weeks leading up to World Diabetes Day and shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout WDD during World Diabetes Day itself. We encouraged people to like, share and react to the digital postcards to show their support.


This activity was a huge success for Ascensia. The campaign reached a large huge global audience, reaching of over 2.8 million people on social media. Ascensia employees from all over the world came together to engage in this campaign and created their own photos spelling out the word ‘DIABETES’ locally for in their country. : We received content from Portugal, Indonesia, USA, Japan and Mexico. It was more successful than anticipated managing to and globally engaged and reached millions to raise awareness of diabetes and to communicate the role of technology in diabetes. The activity and results helped to support Ascensia’s positioning position Ascensia as an Only Diabetes company, showcasing their support for the diabetes community. andThis campaign demonstrated how a great idea can bring employees together to help improve the lives of people with diabetes the patients that they serve with their products.

Reach: 2.8 million

Engagement: 425,000