Our brief from Ascensia Diabetes Care was to develop a campaign to mark World Diabetes Day 2017 and associate the brand with it to raise awareness for Diabetes, across digital channels and countries. We worked alongside Ascensia Diabetes Care and developed a campaign supporting the International Diabetes Federation’s official theme of women and diabetes.



Our campaign focused on the lives and achievements of women who are living with diabetes.

With the clients local teams, we recruited 30 inspiring women from 30 different countries to the campaign, including the inventor of the indicator to detect glucose, a number of social bloggers, experts, carers and patients.

Our creative strategy was to work with artists to digitally paint (on ipads and tablets) the portraits of the women, we created video time-lapses of the portraits being created and mixed with key branded awareness messages. On World Diabetes Day, we shared all these portraits and videos across social media channels, sharing each woman’s story in their local language. We also used Facebook targeting so each post was targeted to its local country. All portraits and stories are also hosted on the Ascensia Diabetes Care website. The content was created and captured in the weeks leading up to World Diabetes Day.

We distributed physical, framed prints to each office where they were exhibited for staff, partners and local stakeholders to view.



This activity was a huge success for Ascensia. Not only was the campaign approved by the IDF, it recruited significant and relevant influencers to the project. The campaign reached a large global audience, reaching millions of people. This was distributed globally as women from the campaign spanned from all corners of the world: Australia, Asia, Europe, America and South America. Over 1.5 million watched the videos and the content is timeless. This campaign produced multiple reusable video and visual assets and highlights Ascensia’s commitment to supporting diabetes.