Creative tools and training

Three years ago we developed our own consulting dice game to help you to dramatically improve the number and quality of ideas in short sessions. We have built on this and launched an artificially intelligent version of our game.

Recently we have added hypnosis, neuroscience and yoga techniques to assist the creative process and will soon launch our own range of reasoning games and puzzles.

We are really happy to provide initial creative training and solutions to any business, team or group free of charge to see if you like our way.

Campaigns, experience and creative

We are regularly engaged to help to make noise for a new business, brand, campaign, product launch, reposition or awareness opportunity.

We work well alongside other agencies to create something that spans across the real and digital world.

Our work often touches traditional press, internal communications, social media, above the line and experiential.

We understand the media plan, integration and how to remain focused.

Digital and social media management

We understand how to manage all of your digital and social communications to fit with your brand and audience.

We manage delivery creatively and economically. We like to get to the point, build real and powerful engagement and know when and how to explode media on a paid for basis to recruit new customers and audiences.

We do this locally and globally, in multiple languages and play with image, copy and film like they were puppies and kittens.

Business and creative consulting

We understand business, strategy and numbers.
Our team has built some of the fastest growing businesses, developed strategies to understand audience insight, created unique algorithms and worked at the world’s best consultants such as KPMG, as well as learning from starting and exiting business on the public markets or FTSE 100 companies.