5th December 2013 Ravi Ruparel

The potentially perilous journey of an Internet of things agent


“Is this your bag Sir?” asked the Polish police officer once my bag had gone through the X-Ray machine at the airport. Double drat, I knew that she would ask. I knew that this Internet of things lark was going to get me into trouble.

“She” was a police officer dressed in military clothes, blonde hair tied back, with black leather gloves and a gun wrapped around a holster. She was straight out of a movie and I think her name was Agnieszka. She opened up my bag and asked me “What is that?” and simultaneously summoned for back up. I agree, it did not look good. It was a white box with a single red button. Inside was a large battery with circuit boards that were all precisely wired together and had an antenna sticking out at one end.

Ok, the above nearly happened…

At breakfast that same day I had decided to ship the white box with the red button instead of bringing it back to London in my hand luggage. I am actually disappointed that I did not even try but something tells me that this was certainly the right decision. I did bring back the smaller version that was less of a prototype (a lovely little burgundy fella in-front of the ketchup).

So what is it you ask? Its working name is SIR, the ‘Smith Invisible Ranger’. It is a prototype and has a little brother that is much smaller. SIR is the latest innovation brokered by pl.atform (atform.pl) for Curb Media. SIR creates a hyper local area within which you can quickly set up an insane amount of interaction between all the people in the range (via their mobile device) and any other connected device (screens, lights, sound, electronics). I can’t wait to help execute the endless opportunities it creates in the Digital Outdoor, Social, Local and Mobile world (something I call DOSOLOMO) I will save that story for another day. It will soon be distributing content, allowing people to change content, collecting and mining data, redeeming coupons and much, much more.

I look forward to fight another day to augment and change the world through electronic innovation. So in case you are reading Agnieszka, I will be back.

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