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Novartis – Heartbeat songs

Our brief from Novartis Pharmaceuticals was to make events a little more exciting and to promote the Keep It Pumping heart failure awareness campaign to attendees. We utilised and adapted a mobile app to allow people to record and donate their heartbeat with their selfies.  A small team of brand ambassadors used mobiles during event breaks to capture heartbeats and selfies. These heartbeats were mixed into a unique song which was created for the campaign and played out on large screens with a video display of the selfies. We have produced five different versions of the song and carried out this experiential activity in five cities – Seville, Venice, Paris, Dubai and Barcelona. Nearly 1,000 people have participated and each event has ended with attendees leaving excited with a feeling of togetherness as they and their heartbeats form part of the unique video and music show. They have also all joined the Keep It Pumping campaign and continue to receive messages and updates.