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Novartis – Hearts made from LEGO

We were asked to create an engaging and impactful experience to launch an awareness campaign for heart failure. Our suggestion was for an interactive sculpture experience at key locations and events. With the client, we selected an anatomical heart made from LEGO bricks. In total, we created six hearts made from LEGO bricks over a three month period. Our first one was built with Novartis employees for European Heart Failure Awareness Day. Employees at Novartis campus in Basel were given bricks on their way into work and encouraged to ‘bring their brick’ to the heart. The heart was built live on campus over a 5 day period with 200,000 pieces of LEGO, many of which were signed with messages and names by employees. Additional hearts were delivered in Mexico, Spain, England, Canada and the USA. The iconic hearts encourage ‘selfies’ and social media sharing to carry the message.

Using over 500,000 pieces of LEGO in total, the majority of the global business of over 135,000 people were involved or saw the video and images of the work created. The hearts have been used at local patient meetings, large scale cardiologist events and are on show at the various offices as flagship pieces of art to ensure continual awareness of the campaign and it’s key messages.