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World Diabetes Day 2023

We partnered with Ascensia Diabetes Care once again to launch an awareness campaign for World Diabetes Day 2023. Building upon our previous theme from 2021-22, ‘This is Diabetes,’ which featured an International Photo and Art Competition, our aim was to raise awareness about the critical issue of Access to Diabetes Care in real life. This theme aligns with the formal theme designated by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) for 2021 – 2023. 

The competition this year aimed to use art and photography to raise awareness about diabetes and the need for proper care and focused on seeking submissions that captured the genuine challenges and day-to-day realities faced by diabetes patients.

During the campaign, we designed and built the new site, created all social media assets and managed organic and paid social media campaigns on Ascensia’s channels. The campaign reached millions of people across the globe.