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World Diabetes Day 2022

We worked with Ascensia Diabetes Care once again to create an awareness campaign for World Diabetes Day 2022. We continued with the previously launched theme from 2021 “This is Diabetes” – an International Photo and Art Competition that was designed to raise awareness of the importance of Access to Diabetes Care, which was the formal theme designated by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) for 2021 – 2023.

Participants were asked to submit photos and artwork that illustrate the importance of Access to Diabetes Care. Submissions could be graphic static 2D artwork or photographs that must have been submitted electronically.

We have once again designed a full website, managed and excited a full social media campaign and paid advertising. In addition, we recorded art classes with art teachers that were posted on Ascensia’s social channels in advance to show techniques of visual storytelling – this was aligned with the 2022 subtheme which was Education to Protect Tomorrow. The campaign reached 4.1 million people.