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Our story

We work with you to create original ideas and make them happen.
Come and hold our hand and let’s invent together.


Our business is designed to help you gain a creative and economic advantage.

We will work with you to make your ideas real, whether they be creative campaigns or long-term support management of your business, content or digital channels.

We harness technology to bring you experts from our community to work across sector, location, device and medium. Our core team is experienced and loves to manage ambitious, innovative and smart strategies.

We are particularly fond of projects that make people smile, that get positive attention and engage on a recurring basis to help you achieve your performance goals and targets.

Being good

We like to do good. It creates a culture that encourages honesty and truth as well as helping and inspiring people who need it.

Please do get in touch if you think we can help with something charitable. We have worked with universities to help graduates gain full-time employment, given fresh talent a chance on new projects, developed free websites for charities, provided free consulting for global initiatives, helped orphans at Christmas play with new toys and designed logos for volunteer enterprises in Africa.


We try to keep one step ahead and develop and innovate our own products.

In 2016 we developed and sold the technology IP behind broadcasting content to mobiles without the need for a data or internet connection.

In 2017 we developed our own interactive audio platform which enables intelligent voice to be built into objects/sculptures/places or anything! Once the technology is embedded, you can engage in a two-way conversation with it.

We are always tinkering with new things.

We love to be challenged and develop and build our own IP where we see the use or it simply makes us smile. Examples include the bottle top that doubles as a whistle, the RFID credit card blocker that we named ‘CARDOM’ or the desktop yoga bot that will mediate with you as you work.




We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

A heart made of clocks
Love in Venice
World Diabetes Day 2016
Ascensia & Instagram
Bombay Central, a Happy Journey
Yoga Bot
Mixed reality
Imagine Dragons
Donate your heartbeat
Good Luck!
Hearts made from LEGO™ bricks – Keep It Pumping
Greggs ‘Nappuccino’ experience
Listen to your heart – Rome
GIANT Health Event
Interactive Art Sculptures
Minions with ASDA
Big Clever Learning
minds for life
Sleeve Booth – The Jazz Lounge
Disc Flipper
Samsung Gear
Virtual Choir
Greedy Ladder
Summer 2011 in Brooklyn
When most things say stop
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Creative tools and training

Three years ago we developed our own consulting dice game to help you to dramatically improve the number and quality of ideas in short sessions. We have built on this and launched an artificially intelligent version of our game.

Recently we have added hypnosis, neuroscience and yoga techniques to assist the creative process and will soon launch our own range of reasoning games and puzzles.

We are really happy to provide initial creative training and solutions to any business, team or group free of charge to see if you like our way.

Campaigns, experience and creative

We are regularly engaged to help to make noise for a new business, brand, campaign, product launch, reposition or awareness opportunity.

We work well alongside other agencies to create something that spans across the real and digital world.

Our work often touches traditional press, internal communications, social media, above the line and experiential.

We understand the media plan, integration and how to remain focused.

Digital and social media management

We understand how to manage all of your digital and social communications to fit with your brand and audience.

We manage delivery creatively and economically. We like to get to the point, build real and powerful engagement and know when and how to explode media on a paid for basis to recruit new customers and audiences.

We do this locally and globally, in multiple languages and play with image, copy and film like they were puppies and kittens.

Business and creative consulting

We understand business, strategy and numbers.
Our team has built some of the fastest growing businesses, developed strategies to understand audience insight, created unique algorithms and worked at the world’s best consultants such as KPMG, as well as learning from starting and exiting business on the public markets or FTSE 100 companies.


The Team

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.



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operations director

I look after the office, legal administration and manage the co-working facility we provide for early stage and innovative businesses in Poland.

I have always had an international interest as I come from Travel & Tourism background. After graduating from Tourism, Leisure and Hotel Trades in Poland I started working as a sales consultant for a couple of years in Tour Operators in UK & Ireland.



Account Manager

Sophie is our UK based Creative Account Manager. She is a qualified marketeer (CIM) and Psychology graduate from Warwick University. Responsible for ideating and executing marketing creativity across global brands, entrepreneurs, countries and media.




I have worked across finance, tech, marketing, innovation and trading, always focused on building new value My core interests are economics, psychology and art and enjoy combining them to conceive original strategies and working with my team and network to fairly deliver you great work. I am relentless, fun and the right side of wonky. I am qualified, experienced and an really proud of the projects, businesses and investments I have been involved with. I am also a school governor and run an after school film club for a local primary school.



Information Systems Consultant

Operational IT Management, usually in London, and most recently for a number of Digital Agencies. That’s how I’ve rolled it over the years. I’m also a remarkably skilled IT Consultant. I work with Platform helping them and their clients build scalable, flexible and dependable systems – as well as using my creative fair to deliver innovative and exciting technology to clients.



International PA

Agnieszka joined Pl.atform in November 2016 and works as International PA. Before that she lived in United Kingdom for over four years where she graduated from University in London. While studying she gained knowledge and experience in PR, advertising and marketing fields. She came back to Poland looking for new opportunities and challenges. Currently she is doing her master’s degree in Advertising Management in Cracow.




Daria, creates designs, animations, paintings and all forms of art that give our work real edge and beauty. She has been designing for 5 years. On Saturdays, she runs Chillout Painting Workshops, rides on longboard and gets tune-ups of her old car.



Video Production

In kindergarten he claimed that his film debut on the big screen would have a pompous title “From love to divorce”. The name of this unrealized production, captures the romantic nature of Peter strongly contrasting with the eternally gloomy face. When a few years ago he decided to start doing what he always wanted, getting up every day to work started to finally make sense. A big fan of all forms of physical activity, Krav Maga in particular.



Web Developer

His mother says his first words was “IT”. The programmer, whose fascination with computers dates back to the earliest memories. Where other people see a series of digits and signs that can cause nausea, reduction of heart rate and imminent narcolepsy, he sees a good puzzle and a problem to solve. When he does not code his attention is divided between studying and drumming.



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