We produce highly creative work with our clients for their content, digital channels and innovative technology needs.

We combine unique processes and experts from the fields of technology, art, science and economics to bring the best ideas to life across the world. The core team is experienced in the unusual and loves to manage ambitious, innovative and smart strategies to work across sector, location, device and medium.

We are particularly fond of projects that make people smile, get positive attention and engage for impact or on a recurring basis to help achieve performance goals and targets.

Our adventures

Our services

Creative training, workshops, facilitation and tools

We have developed our own board game to help you to create original ideas. Contact us to learn more.

Campaigns, experiences and events

Real and digital world activations that also create huge social engagement and influence.

Film, livestream, photo and immersive media

We love to capture and share content from photos to augmented media.

Digital + social media development and management

We have teams that build apps, websites and interactive assets.

Business consulting and project management

We can help you to steer your projects or consult on their growth and vision.

We are continuously developing our own solutions and products that you might be interested in. Our current projects include :

  • Mrs Cray, an online assistant to inspire your brainstorms - mrscray.com

  • Augmented reality solutions for retailers offers and experiences

  • Anamorphic print display solution

  • Interactive voice chat

  • Range of spatial reasoning toy prototypes - thecuebe.com

  • Developing IOT platforms

  • Automation of data

  • Emerging 360 content solutions

  • 5G Optimisation tools


European Office

Sienkiewicza 45/1
40-039 Katowice

UK & Worldwide

Trident Business Centre
89 Bickersteth Road
London SW17 9SH